Road Trip: Day 5


utah signOn our fifth day on the road, we left wonderful Colorado and headed south west to Arizona. Our destination was Flagstaff, but first, we wanted to stop by the Four Corner National monument. Our route took us through Utah, which felt more safe (and probably faster) than driving back south through all of the mountains in Colorado. It didn’t take us very long to make it to Utah, and I was disappointed to see that the landscape looked pretty much the same as everything else we’ve been experiencing on the road. I wanted to see those awesome giant red rocks you think of when you imagine Utah.

100_0463Thankfully, after an hour or so, we started seeing the glorious rocks I imagined. While driving, we kept passing by signs that pointed towards the Arches National Park. I wasn’t really sure what that was, but I didn’t want to miss another national park. (We’ve passed by a few on our whole trip.) I had a feeling the rocks were going to be pretty amazing in it. So we made a spontaneous trip through the park. We were pretty pressed for time, so we drove through about an hour. We didn’t get to the see the famous Utah arches, but we still saw some pretty cool sights. I was satisfied with the stop!

100_0456Now an hour behind schedule, we got back on the road and headed to the Four Corners. It was still a few hours away, and we were already getting tired of being in the car. We made a quick food stop, and kept on the road for a very long time.



100_0490100_0494We finally arrived at our first destination, just before sun down, at 7:30. And apparently the site closes at 8 pm. We cut it really close! We waited a while to get some pictures of the borders (some old ladies were taking their sweet time with their photos) and finally, our turn had come. I think the drive was well worth it, I can say that I’ve been in four states at once! How many people can say that? I was in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, all at the same time. ☺

100_05068 pm came pretty fast, and we were forced to get back on the road to Flagstaff. Unfortunately, the sun was almost gone, and we still had more than a few hours until we were at our hotel… The drive was unbearable. We were on a two way highway for basically the whole drive, with many people nearly blinding us with their brights, it was windy, and it even started drizzling at one point.

Finally, after what felt like the longest drive of our lives, we made it to our hotel and quickly went to bed.


Road Trip: Day 2


IMG_0547[1]On day two of our road trip, we were headed toward wonderful Colorado. Our route sliced us through the corner of New Mexico, which I can’t complain from because the more states I get to experience during this trip, the better. :)

100_0168The drive was way more enjoyable, seeing that we were experiencing the northern terrain’s (north of Texas that is) mountainous land. The trip was longer than the first,  and it took about 10 hours total to arrive at our hotel in Snowmass, just about 20 minutes north of Aspen, but again, the trip was way more enjoyable because of the scenery.

IMG_0569[2]Our journey through the mountains was a little nerve racking because it was really cloudy, plus the sun was already setting. And we actually drove through a cloud at 15 mph for around 10 minutes on a mountain road at 12,000 feet elevation!

The whole drive up the mountain was really serene, peaceful, and of course beautiful. We had Grizzly Bear’s song, Colorado, playing right as we crossed the state border and the soundtrack to our mountain drive was Sigur Rós. An Icelandic band with relaxing ethereal melodies, it was perfect.

100_0233 100_0227 100_0202100_0287

Road Trip: T-Minus Four Days

For my 20th birthday, my boyfriend gave me the gift of traveling. And 2 months later, we’ve finally planned our trip and are ready to leave in just 4 short days! I’ve never been on the road so long, or traveled so far by car. I have to say, I’m more than nervous, but I’m very excited as well!

Our trip totals at 63 hours and 3,916 miles. That’s not including our hotel stays and stops at our top destinations! This trip includes some places I love to visit, but most of them are places I’ve never traveled to and have always wanted to. Here’s a list of the amazing places we’re going to see:

  • Aspen, Colorado
    -Aspen Mountain
    -Maroon Bells
  • Four Corners Monument
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Hoover Dam
  • Santa Barbara
  • San Diego
    -San Diego Zoo
  • White Sands National Monument
  • Roswell, New Mexico’s Area 51 Museum

I can’t wait to experience these new places, I just wish I had an awesome DSLR camera to properly document. For now, I’m stuck with an IPhone and an outdated point-and-shoot cannon. But, I promise to try and update the blog as I go so my family, friends, and followers can see my great adventure to the west coast.