Review: Skin Candy, Nature’s Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Body Wash

While house and pet sitting for a lovely couple, I was left with trying shower products that I have not used before. I have very sensitive skin, so I was a little worried of the after effects they would hold on me. But, when I opened a bottle of Nature’s Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Body Wash, I immediately fell in love with the scent alone. The smell is so wonderful, like something you would sip while sitting on the beach.

Not only is this body wash delightful to the nose, but it is to the skin as well. This bottle contains 7 skin moisturizers, and it is great because they utilize natural ingredients while remaining environmentally friendly and cruelty free! I may have over indulged a bit when lathering up with it, but it really did leave me feeling fresh and nicely moisturized. With some perfumey body washes, my skin later starts to feel a little itchy and dry, but I did not feel that at all with this body wash. I felt that it really is as great as their description suggests:

“Hydrates and pampers skin with ultra rich moisturizers and lather while age defying antioxidants and nutrients nourish skin. Our unique combination of 7 skin conditioning moisturizers deliver rich, long lasting hydration. Skin is left soft and supple.”

I instantly fell for this product and will definitely have to pick up myself a bottle on the way home!