Five Things I’ve Learned From My Dogs

  1. In order to live a happier life, live in the now and let past things go.
    My pups are always getting into trouble. When they’re placed in timeout, they always give me their best sad puppy faces, but the moment timeout’s over, they’re back to playing and giving me love. ♥

  2. Don’t let handicaps hold you back.
    My puppy Raffie has been blind in his left eye from a very young age, but even so, I can’t remember a time when he has been too timid or scared to do something. He’s the smaller of my two puglets as well, yet he is the bravest of them both. His brother Chunk can’t even stop him from getting in a few good tackles now and then.♥

  3. Family is everything.
    My little boys can get really rough while playing, but in the end, they still love one another no matter what.♥

  4. Don’t be too scared of the world around you, be curious.

  5. When you’ve found someone you love, never let them go.


DIY: Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of the great dads out there! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and I thought I would share a few nice freebies that I’ve found around the web! These are all great last minute additions to any gifts that you already have. Enjoy and leave a comment with your favorite! I’m loving the card by Jessica Jones. ♥

  1. Printable father’s day card // Isometric font by Kate @ MinnieCo
  2. Hats Off to Dad | Printable Father’s Day Card by Kelly Rowe @ LiveLaughRowe
  3. Free Father’s Day Printable Card For You! by Michael Ann @MichaelAnnMade
  4. DIY MOUSTACHE PROPS AND GIFT TAG by Wita Puspita @DesignIsYay
  5. In Praise of Fathers, new and old… by Kate @KatesCreativeSpace
  6. Free, printable Father’s Day cards by Jessica Jones @HowAboutOrange

I do not take credit for any of the images or items displayed.