And So it Begins; The Birth of My Blog

Well fellow readers, here goes my very first awkward, yet hopeful, introductory blog post.

I have always wanted to start a blog, but have been held back with the lack of ideas of what to write about. It is pretty intimidating with all of the big, famous bloggers who post so many great things that everyone loves, but then a thought hit me… Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Of course they do! I have no intention of becoming a big time blogger who quits their day job anyways, but rather someone who loves to chat about ideas and share them.

I am a crafter, an artist, a musician, a fashionista, an animal lover, an athlete, a photographer, a student. Just some of the many things I’m sure most of you are as well. I may not be more than just an amateur in many of those areas, but having an interest in them certainly gives me the title (I would think so at least) and those are the types of things that I would love to talk about.

So, I start this blog to share my experiences and interests. I hope you stick with me and find what I have to say at least somewhat interesting.. ☺