Road Trip: T-Minus Four Days

For my 20th birthday, my boyfriend gave me the gift of traveling. And 2 months later, we’ve finally planned our trip and are ready to leave in just 4 short days! I’ve never been on the road so long, or traveled so far by car. I have to say, I’m more than nervous, but I’m very excited as well!

Our trip totals at 63 hours and 3,916 miles. That’s not including our hotel stays and stops at our top destinations! This trip includes some places I love to visit, but most of them are places I’ve never traveled to and have always wanted to. Here’s a list of the amazing places we’re going to see:

  • Aspen, Colorado
    -Aspen Mountain
    -Maroon Bells
  • Four Corners Monument
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Hoover Dam
  • Santa Barbara
  • San Diego
    -San Diego Zoo
  • White Sands National Monument
  • Roswell, New Mexico’s Area 51 Museum

I can’t wait to experience these new places, I just wish I had an awesome DSLR camera to properly document. For now, I’m stuck with an IPhone and an outdated point-and-shoot cannon. But, I promise to try and update the blog as I go so my family, friends, and followers can see my great adventure to the west coast.


6 thoughts on “Road Trip: T-Minus Four Days

  1. I’ve never been on such a long Road Trip, so I hope to see it through your photos, even if it’s just with an iPhone and outdated Canon! I’m excited for you. =0)
    The only place that I’ve been to on your list is the San Diego Zoo (and I was about 8 years old!). But I do remember it.

    • Thanks Kim! I can’t wait to get out of this Texas heat!

      I’ve been to California many times, but San Diego is one place I’ve never visited. I hope the zoo is as great as everyone always says!


  2. Looks like a really fun trip! You’re going to be stopping in my hometown (Tucson!) If you’ve never tried an Eegee before you must! and Mexican food!! You’ll love the Grand Canyon!

    • Thanks! Of course, I live in Texas, I love Mexican food. :) What is Eegee? And Is there any kind of tour you recommend for the Grand Canyon? I’ve seen people jut do their own thing and others who actually do a tour.


      • I’m a little (lot) bit biased on Mexican food ;) Ours is way different lol. An eegee is a frozen drink of awesome but kind of hard to explain. It kind of like a slushy/italian ice but not quite. Eegee’s (also the name of the restaruant) used to only be in Tucson but I think they are in Casa Grand now also, but anywho people who visit, get them, love them and then get really sad when they leave cause they miss them. People have had them sent all over the world, its kinda of crazy.
        As for the Grand Canyon when I went we did our own thing, but that was because we were moving across country and just driving through on our way to Illinois. I actually think we went through part of your route minus the California part.
        I think if you have more time there, a tour could be fun, I think it depends on if you like people or not ;) A tour guide might be fun to have around for facts and stuff. Just remember to bring water with you!! You’ll have fun either way!

      • I’ll have to try both your Mexican food and an Eegee then. :)
        I think we’re planning on spending a day at the Grand Canyon, so a tour sounds fun.
        We were really just planning on having Tucson as a rest point to stay the night (I really have no idea what there is to do there) so if you think of any other cool things, let me know! :) Thanks for your help!


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