The Shop: Fine Jewelry Photoshoot

Today was a nice cloudy day outside, giving me good conditions for re-shooting some of my fine jewelry pieces in the shop. The clouds give a nice cover to the sun’s bright rays, while still giving me nice enough lighting for some shots. I decided to re-shoot some of my items because I’m not liking the plain white background that I chose to show case my finest items. I thought that they needed a little nature vibe to them to bring out their true colors and let them shine. I think they came out pretty good considering I’m only shooting with an Iphone!

Here’s a few of before and afters, I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to leave me a comment of what you think of the new backgrounds as well! I love having public feedback to work with, it really helps me know what people are looking for when deciding on whether or not to click on an item.

Sterling Silver Greek Patterned Earrings

Hot Pink Druzy Necklace on 14k Gold Filled Chain

Periwinkle Druzy Necklace on 14k Gold Filled Chain


4 thoughts on “The Shop: Fine Jewelry Photoshoot

  1. I can’t believe you took those on a Iphone, gotta love Apple!
    I think the necklaces really work on the natural background (I love your designs btw), but for me anyway, the earings stand out much more on a stark white background as they don’t pop as much as the beautiful coloured necklaces.

    • Thank you! And I agree with you there. I think the necklaces do “pop” more with the natural background. I’m still not sure about the solid white though. I don’t really like how shiny it makes the metal, it’s hard to take out during editing. Maybe a more softer light background would do well for the less colorful pieces.

  2. Perfect timing, I was just trying to photograph some of my jewelry to set up an Etsy shop. I like playing with natural objects for my backgrounds too. I like the background for the earrings, myself. While I like the backgrounds on the pendents I feel like the pendents get a lost a little. Maybe just crop out and focus just on the pink stone. The other one I would try hanging it more like it would on a neck. Just some thoughts. It may not work out as well as I think it would, but something to try. I’ve had some luck with just a nice piece of wood with some nice graining in it. Gives it interest without too much going on. Also, I read that a graduated background works well. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the advice Ang! I like experimenting with other ways of laying out the jewelry instead of your typical way of just hanging things. Still getting a hang of the angles, but I love attempting the non-traditional shots. :)

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